Teen Read Week

Teen Read Week

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Taking it to the web...

Creativity is the key.

Pull up a comfy chair and relax...you've found the Teen Lounge. Amherst Public Library is too small (right now) to have a space for teens to meet so we're taking it to the web!

Meet here to discuss ideas for new books, old books, and programs you'd like to see at the library. Hey you never know what can happen.

So for now pull up that cushy couch, crank up the ipod, and as far as food in the library...bring all the chocolate chip cookies to me.

Hey tell me about a good book you've read...

Tell me about a book, movie, music, graphic novel, mange, you think we should have at the library. Now's the time...I have money in my budget. Send me your suggestions.


Anonymous said...

You guys need to complete some of your graphic novel series. Are you getting Bleach?

Your friendly Amherst Librarian said...

I've got 1-5 on order.