Teen Read Week

Teen Read Week

Thursday, August 9, 2007

School's starting soon: is this a joke?

Can it be that summer is over? Summer reading was great and thanks to the more than 256 teens who participated this year. Now I suppose we should regroup and get our pencils sharpened and switch to school mode. Look for a design change to our blog soon as we gear up for homework questions and things to get you off and running.

Meanwhile, check out some of the New YA Books at the Amherst Public Library. There's still time to lounge around with a good book.

  • "Eclipse" by Stephenie Meyer
    It's not just vampires, but danger seems to surround Bella as graduation approaches

  • "Ark Angel" by Anthony Horowitz
    Teen age spy Alex Rider is off on another mission - with the new Stormbreaker movie out all the books in this series have been flying off the shelf.

  • "The Ice Bound Land" by John Flanagan
    Skandian slave-traders, kidnappers, knights in black, fantasy at its best!

  • "The Sight" by Erin Hunter
    Followers of this popular series have been waiting for this one. Find out what's new in the clans and how true destiny plays a part in this new title.

  • "Your Eyes in Stars: a Novel" by M.E. Kerr
    It's 1934 when Jessie, daughter of the prison warden, and Elisa, a German professor's daughter, form a friendship that continues across an ocean. Need a historical fiction book for an assignment?

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