Teen Read Week

Teen Read Week

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer Success

Maybe you don't remember the year kids voted to see what color she would dye her hair if we were able to get 200 teens to sign up for summer reading.  This year, even without a colorful contest, our teen program registered 292 members not counting those who registered online. That's fantastic.

Thank you to all the kids who took part, volunteered, and took part in our programs and activities.  You really made it a fun summer.  The drawing workshop, magic tricks, craft days were all made more fun by your involvement. 

Thanks also for all the donations made to our charity partners, Flip Flops for Haiti and the Amherst Food Pantry.  Many people benefited from your generosity and willingness to get involved.  Hopefully you'll follow through on that willingness to help others and make a difference as the year continues and you return to school and work.

School?!  It's hard to talk about when it's still July but we are planning another book covering event to help you get started on the right foot.  We covered hundreds of textbooks last year and went through stacks of paper bags.  The library will be there for you again this year when the school bell rings.

Enjoy the few weeks you have till that time and continue to visit us at the library.  Thanks for a great summer.

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