Teen Read Week

Teen Read Week

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Summer Prizes

Hey what are the summer reading prizes?

The Teen Summer program has some great prizes this year.  Remember you can earn points by reading, attending an event, or by completing other activities like bringing in donations for the Amherst Food Bank.  For 250 points we've got an array of silicone bracelets you can choose from. Some even glow in the dark. 

The second prize level is at 500 points.  We've got some Bubble-icious pens for you!  These are perfect for writing about your favorite summer activity.  For 750 points you can have your choice of a drawstring book bag or a dream journal.  Both are just waiting to be filled up and taken on your next summer adventure.

Remember, online registration begins this weekend....and you can log points online beginning June 1.  Registration will begin at the library on June 4.

For each prize level you get a ticket for entering into the raffle of your choice.  Food, movies, and a Target gift card are on the list.  

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