Teen Read Week

Teen Read Week

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Space out

This Thursday, June 21,  is the big Sky Dome planetarium show.  Join us at St. Joe's School gym for a virtual field trip through the universe.  The show lasts about 45 minutes and takes you through our solar system for an up close look at Saturn and its moons as well as a look at the Milky Way. 

Sure it looks like a giant silver slug and you can crawl inside where you'll find more than 120,000 LED lights that are synchronized to showcase a sun rise and sun set, the Northern Lights, and even a lesson on the mythological creatures behind some of our constellations.  Any Percy Jackson fan will want to be on hand for that.

The dome will hold up to 75 people and showtimes will start at noon, 1, 2, 4, and 5 p.m.  Once a showtime is over we'll start ushering in the next group.  Seating is on a first come basis and there is no need to have a ticket or register.

Kindergartners as well as adults will enjoy the show so bring the family. 

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