Teen Read Week

Teen Read Week

Friday, July 6, 2012

Hot Dog!

With temperatures in the triple digits it's too hot to even be at the pool.  Pick up a book or spread out the beach towels at home for a movie night in front of the television. 

But keep reading.  I know we said that the last day to turn in your reading logs for summer reading was July 12 but that's just to be included in the prize drawings.  We'll accept reading logs and give out prizes as long as they last.  So keep reading.  Eveyone can go back to school with a "Dream BIG" book bag.

We've got lots of "hot" books at the library.  Check out these titles:
Hot Dog and Bob and the Particularly Pesky Attack of the Pencil People : adventure #2 is just one of the books by L. Bob Rovetch (JF ROV).  Fifth grader Bob and his friend Clementine are once again wrapped up in an adventure and superhero Hot Dog steps in to help.

Hothead : a novel by Cal Ripken, Jr., (JF RIP) combines a great story with baseball as the setting. Connor has a temper on the field, and when his outbursts become the subject of the local newspaper he realizes it's time to get on deck, or suffer the consequences.
Hot Air by Charles Ogden, (JF OGD), as if there isn't enough hot air around already, twins Edgar and Ellen step in to discover the secret of the small town of Nod's Limbs.

Hothouse by Chris Lynch, (YA LYN), is a powerful drama and coming of age story.  Teens D.J. and Russell were once life long friends who have since grown apart.  But when death touches them both they are forced to rekindle their friendship in order to overcome tragedy.

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