Teen Read Week

Teen Read Week

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What's the Assignment?

School is well underway and we've had lots of students coming in looking for that required book that they need for an assignment.  Maybe you need a science fiction book or historical fiction read.  Some classes have had to have a biography, which has been pretty picked over as of late.  Most biographies are either about 125 pages (check the Sterling biographies) or 400 pages and involve a lot of dead presidents.

The Amherst Public Library has put together a page of links to make it easy to find an available book here at the library to fit your assignment.  Check out the school assignments link for quick access to updated feeds for various lists such as mystery books and fantasy books. From there you can check to see if the book is available, how many pages it is, and even reserve the book to be waiting at the library when you get here.

 Remember that we do not sort books by reading level, ever.  So check both Junior Fiction and Young Adult sections for available books. Still can't find a book?  Stop at the Reference Desk and ask for some suggestions.  We can also check to see when a book will be back and help you put a book on reserve.

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